Zambia Photo Album

Here are photos from my recent trip to Zambia, Africa

World Vision Singazonwe Project

Some of Helgah's family by their cooking hut

With Helgah, a girl I sponsor through World Vision

Children in Helgah's village


Hippos making more hippos

Thirsty Elephants

Elephant family playing in the mud

Up close and personal with a crock on the Zambizi river


It is hard to eat grass if you're a giraffes

Our safari-mobile

A piece of Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls looking toward Zimbabwe

The Zambizi river between Zambia and Zimbabwe

A goat on top of the load - taken from my bus window

Laurie with children at a new well site

Drilling a well in Mapalo

Me with the drill team

New Hygiene/Sanitation trainers

Tempe making nshima (local staple food)

Laurie washing laundry

Dave getting the tractor running

Attempting to grade the road

Mapalo training center construction site

Mapalo training center construction site

Pedal pump sewing machines for the new training center

A little geography lesson in the sand...

Playing with my new friend Julia

With kids from Mapalo on Sunday

Holding Pastor Happy's new daughter

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