Prayer Requests

Please pray...

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  • for wisdom and energy as I lead the Mission Medics training program through the Boise Vineyard (Vineyard College of Mission)
  • for strength and energy as I plan another year of medic outreaches: Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Ecuador, and India.
  • for the opportunity to show many people how much Jesus loves them
  • for transformed lives and communities as people discover the reality of Christ
  • for my personal health and safety
  • for strengthened faith and growth as I continue to follow God in new directions
  • for donated medical supplies and medications
  • for the ability to cure diseases and change lives
  • for good teaching and leadership skills
  • for my parents as they landlord my house and take care of other needs from home

"Let him who boasts boast in the Lord." 2 Corinthians 10:17

Answered prayer from Peru:
  • We saw God heal people - through medicine, through prayer, through forgiveness, through spiritual heart change. Wow.

Answered prayer from Ethiopia:
  • I came home rested, energized, and brimming with new ideas.
  • We trained mothers, staff workers, missionaries, and the clinic nurse. We're already making plans to go back next year after another center opens with new staff.

Answers to prayer from India:
  • We were able to encourage and energize the missionaries we worked with - one of my biggest goals for this trip.
  • We safely hiked over very steep mountains to offer medical care and spiritual encouragement in villages of northern India
  • Clinics in southern India ran smoothly and hundreds of patients were treated.
  • Basic Healthcare training sessions went better than  I could have imagined. Indian staff members who completed the training told me of their plans to teach others - true success in my mind.

Answers to prayer and praises from Ecuador:
  • I built many new relationships with like-minded people (I'm not crazy - other people like doing this stuff, too!)
  • Confirmation of the quality of the Mission Medic training program
  • Great times of ministry and healing
  • Vision for using Mission Medic outreaches in church planting

Answers to prayer in Philippines (2010):
  • Safe travel up and down muddy mountain trails
  • Sweet times of ministry and fellowship with villagers
  • The northern Philippines feels like a second home to me. It is a blessing to return again and again.

Answers to prayer in India (2009):
  • Smooth pharmacies despite extremely busy medical clinics (>500 people/day)
  • Safe travel despite flight delays, taxi strikes, and traveling by myself
  • Great timing spending a week up north with Ryan and Amanda as new missionaries arrived and an extra set of hands was needed.
  • Many opportunities for future work: training Calvary Chapel orphanage healthcare workers in basic medical skills and assisting Ryan and Amanda in healthworker trainings in northern villages

Answers to prayer in Peru:
  • Two pharmacists came with me to Peru. They were a huge blessing and are both excited to do more of this work in the future
  • Smooth travel - no trouble with flights, baggage, buses, taxis... or my legs (lots of walking).
  • I had a restful month with lots of early morning prayer and worship (it is nice to not be in charge!)  I feel "filled up" and renewed.
  • This trip blessed me with new friends and mentors who have passions very similar to mine.

Answers to prayer in the Philippines (2009):

  • God multiplied our time and allowed us to individually visit hundreds of families in their homes and huts
  • God protected us physically and emotionally as we drove and hiked into remote mountain areas
  • This team was awesome - easy to lead and well-balanced with lots of different gifts and talents

Answers to prayer in Kenya:

  • We watched God infuse hope and joy into a place of hopelessness.
  • God miraculously provided money and logistics as we handed out blankets, cornmeal, beans, vitamins, worm medication, and a Bible (in the local dialect) to EVERY family in the refugee camp!
  • Medical clinics ran smoothly
  • As a team we felt safe at all times
  • I saw lives changed and hope restored as never before -These trips restored my enthusiasm for short-term medical outreaches

Answers to prayer in Bolivia:

  • I was able to clear 140lbs of donated medications through customs with no problems.
  • Medical clinics and the very busy pharmacy ran extremely smoothly.
  • Hundreds of Bolivians received excellent medical care and learned about Christ's love through our words and actions.

Answers to prayer in Zambia:

  • Women of the Mapalo church in Zambia wept when we presented them with sewing machines and fabric to use for earning a living.
  • I was able to connect deeply with several Zambian families, and had a blast playing with and hugging hundreds of children.
  • No team members got seriously ill.
  • Pastor Francis, a Zambian pastor who is the bedrock of this ministry partnership, has recovered from serious illness and been given a clean bill of health.
  • Strong partnerships have been forged for future work in Zambia.

Answers to prayer in Philippines (2006):

  • Our medics treated over 6,000 patients during this  3 month outreach (Fall 2006).
  • The poor received treatment, education, and prayers that will continue to affect their lives long after we leave.
  • Dozens of patients and Filipino friends accepted Christ as Lord and our partner churches will follow up with hundreds more.

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