Cameroon Mission Trip

These are pictures from my trip to Cameroon in April 2005. I went with a Christian Medical and Dental Association team on a two week medical outreach to Bafut, Cameroon. In 10 days we saw hundreds of patients and dispensed thousands of prescriptions.

With Cely at the entrance to the clinic

The pharmacists - Jen and John

Our "pharmacy techs" counting pills

Waiting for eye glasses

New eyeglasses

With Charles, one of our translators

Showing off a gospel bracelet made by one of the children at my church in Boise

Dentists hard at work

Children waiting for balloons

Some of my team ready for church

I was asked to preach!

My gift for preaching (live rooster)

Children caring for their younger siblings

Kris with her new friends

Crowds waiting the last morning

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