Philippines May 2009 Photos

Photos from our 2009 Mission Medic outreach in the Philippines. For previous Philippines trips see Photo Albums.

Climbing an extinct volcano

Climbing an extinct volcano

Inside the volcano

With Sarah Ann + Gerlene's family

Sarah Ann's neighborhood in Manila

Fairweather kids (Raffie, Layla, Albert)

Jack and Tammy saying goodbye to the neighbors


Pakak - Cindy and Joel's family

Pakak - with Cindy and Joel's family

Audra and Pakak Rice Fields

Janet (waiting on the side of the road for the jeep to get fixed... again...)

Sheri with her homestay family

Audra & Sheri cleaning an infected hand

Infected hand

Broken down jeep

Beautiful Kalinga

Leading songs for kids in Basao

Hiking to Basao

Hiking to Basao

Hiking to Basao

Hiking to Basao

Unwelcome roommate

Check-ups with Dr. Sheri

Check-ups in Basao

Check-ups in Basao

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