Philippines Fall 2006

Here are pictures of our fall 2006 outreach in the Philippines. They are in reverse chronological order (the most recent pictures are first).
For pictures from spring 2006's outreach, please go to back to the Photo Albums link.


Mom and Dad's cabin on the beach

Puerto Galera beach

Children crowding around our outreach in a slum that recently burned.

Leah, Esther, Janet at the waterfall

Leading worship in Bislig

Esther with the remains of our farewell dinner

Esther took this out of this lady's ear!

Taking advantage of Bradley's height

Washing laundry

Crowding into a jeep with all our stuff

Leanna and the son of one of the church leaders

Swimming at the elegant home of a city counselwoman

Elegant dinner hosted by Bislig Vice Mayor

On tv with Pastor Lorenzo

Thanksgiving celebration

Josh carving the Thanksgiving turkey

Thanksgiving celebration

My ride behind the water buffalo

Katie riding a water buffalo

Esther and her stickers make wound care less traumatic

On the radio with Pastor Lorenzo

Day off at the beach (Bohol)

Day off at the beach (Bohol)

Cookies with Arms of Love kids

Cookies with Arms of Love kids

Cookies with Arms of Love kids

Cookies with Arms of Love kids

Arms of Love kids


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