Philippines Spring 2006 Photos

Rice pounding

Children in Welfareville

IFL group

IFL Preschoolers

Tabuk house

Jen,Judith, Geraldine

Medic Team

Our garden plot

Pig castration

Preschool dancers

My Pikok family

My Pikok family and house

Pikok children

Pikok children

Bridge in Binansagan-MananigRiver

Broken Axle on our Jeep

Caribou plowing

Check-up with Becky

Dental Assistant

Farmer Meghan

Hike to Binansagan

Bathroom view

Jack plowing the rice field

Jared our Photographer

Kalinga Days

Nanny Becky

Saltan River and Kaluan River

San Pedro clinic

Tammy with San Pedro kids

With Zeny

Baguio Flower Festival

Jack with Facilitator Eveyln

Flower Festival parade practice

Jared seeing patients in outpatient clinic rotation

Judith and Ruth at Baguio Flower Festival

Nurse in pediatric ward

Pediatric ward,BGH

Pediatric ward at Baguio General Hospital

Plug for Hospital Pharmacy

Vender who made my Baguio Christmas ornament

Dananao boys


Dananao girls

Girls at Dr.Rita's house

Judith & Jen at Dr. Rita's house

John, Josh,and Aningoin in Pikok

Giant Jack

Irrigation Ditch

Rice Fields

Becky teaching about germs

Andrea with Julia

Cora's family

Premature baby

Vitamins and Healthy Snack

Wighan (homestay Dad) and grandkids

Becky and boys on kaliglig

Becky with baby Nancy and grandmother

Dananao bottlefeeding

Dananao child

Ileb kaliglig ride

Dananao grandmother

Dananao mom and child

Josh teaching VBS

Premature baby and Mom

Premature baby Provincial Hospital

American meal in Sagada-with Elizabeth,Becky,and Judith

Becky and Elizabeth on jeep

Becky with Sumadel kids

Cave exploration in Sagada

Dananao boy plays with dead bird

Dananao native dance

Dananao village

Dinner in Dananao

Elizabeth teaching

Hike to Dananao

Hike to Dananao

Hike to Dananao

Hike to Dananao

Hike to Dananao (at the summit)

Jared climbs the mountain

Jeep ride

Jeep view

Jeep view

Jeep view

Jeep view (Rice fields)

Kids in Sumadel

Mountain climber Becky

Mountain climbers Matt and Meg

Playing in the waterfall (on way to Tolgau)

Richard and Ian seeing patients


Sagada pine trees!

Sumadel houses

After three hours of hiking uphill (exhausted)

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