Kenya Outreach April 2008

These are pictures from Kenya - Spring 2008. This medical team was organized by Eagle Nazarene Church and Genesis World Mission. Our two weeks in Kenya were absolutely spectacular. We watch God provide salvation, hope and healing to thousands of internally displaced people (IDPs) in the Kamai Forest Camp.

Kenya Map

Thousands of Kenyans are displaced - including this little girl

Mary - my excellent pharmacy translator

Dimples - our faithful bus

The beautiful Genesis clinic in Ndunberi

Our makeshift pharmacy in Kirasha village

Amazing pharmacy team

Kay working in the pharmacy

Resting after a long clinic day (headlamps are for when the generator goes off)

Our tent pharmacy in the Kamai camp

Busy in the pharmacy...

But there's time for a few photos...

Explaining an inhaler

This lady was overjoyed to get her inhaler! (She's just not used to smiling for pictures)

Clinic "intake" (check-in)


Testing for reading glasses

More reading glasses

The pastoral team - pastors from all over the surrounding area came to lead this outreach

Kamai Forest Camp

Kamai Forest Camp

Kamai Forest Camp

One of the youngest IDPs (Internally Displaced People)

Kamai Forest Camp

Using donkeys to transport supplies in the mud

Waiting for distribution

World Vision distributed blankets and mosquito nets

Waiting for blanket distribution

Bibles for the older children

Sweaters for the young children

So cute!

New sweaters


and cornmeal...

and beans...

and Kikuya Bibles..

and vitamins...

and worm meds!


A fun day at Nairobi National Park

Daddy lion

Momma lion

Baby lions




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